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Embroidery Service

Embroidery Font Styles
A choice of Font styles includes Block, Brushscript, Hobo, Arial, Verdana, Comic Sans.

If none of the above are suitable please e mail what you would like in the typeface you prefer or point us to your web page if you are a business and we'll try to find something to match it.

An e mail for your approval will be sent back to you before we begin if there is any doubt.

Generally the lower case letters will appear approx 2cm high within a 12cm length
Larger letters eg Bride across the back of a Bath Robe and corporate logos can be included at an extra cost 

Choose from three positions on a bathrobe or gown - left breast (as you are wearing it), middle back, or left hand sleeve near the cuff. On a towel, we would suggest either the middle or right side above the header bar.
Larger letters and corporate logos can be included at an extra cost -

Please write in the way you prefer it to appear including spaces, dots, commas and capital letters

Please telephone 01422 823508 or email us for individual quotations
Personalise items from a selection of 6 font styles and 30 font colours (including black, white and metallics) at a standard price of £4.00 for a full name (2cm letter height) - maximum text length 25 characters or just monogrammed initials (up to 4cm in height).
Should you want your company logo adding please ring for further details or e mail it to us with a desired approximate size for a costing.
If any colour you require does not appear we will attempt to add it to the list.
To select our embroidery service, fill out the options on your chosen product page.
When there is an instance that an extra charge is required for an item from Barnet Diva such as logo developement.You can pay here once we have given you the quote. Any queries please ring us with your details on 01422 823508 during office hours 9- 5

Each 'item' is £1 so fill the Quantity box with 1 etc + extra pence.
Choose from the combinations of extra charges.
The total will be multiplied by the amount you enter as a quantity.
For eg 10 items at £1 with a 5p and a 70p extra charge included would be £17.50.
So 10 goes into the quantity box and the other 'extra charges' are ticked to total 75p
(£1 +70p + 5p  x10 Quantity  =£17.50)